Simple. Smart. Managed IT.

Alleviate the drain on resources, money, and time with flexible, robust managed services customized to meet your business needs.

Our managed services offerings deliver verified skills, processes, and management for servers, workstations, networks and even mobile devices. Reporting and management options with the Paso Robles Tech platform provide insight into the health and performance of your systems as well as increase productivity via managed tool sets that include proactive monitoring and extensive infrastructure visibility.

Managed Antivirus – A powerful, corporate grade antivirus that will protect your systems from harmful viruses, malware and junkware. We handle all of the scanning and threat removal for you. If a new virus is ever able to make it past our scanners, we will complete the full virus removal and system tune-up at no extra charge to you.

Web Protection – Not only do we automatically block access to thousands of dangerous phishing and malware sites, we can also restrict or grant access to any site based on content, classification or URL. Extremely useful for enforcing company internet use policies and keeping the staff on task!

Patch Management – Our system will regularly check your PC for vulnerabilities and out-of-date software and apply the necessary fixes.

Automated Maintenance – Over time, your PC collects clutter that can seriously degrade performance. Our regular maintenance schedule eliminates that clutter and keeps your system running at peak performance.

24/7 Monitoring – Day or night, we’ve got you covered with around-the-clock monitoring. If your system ever fails one of the monitoring checks, our staff is immediately notified, and in the most cases can resolve the issue before it can cause any downtime.

Automated Reporting – Want to keep aware of problems on your network? Sign up for our automated reporting feature and receive Daily, Weekly or Monthly status reports.

Security Risk Assessment – We provide your company with a security risk assessment evaluation report that identifies potential security threats. We conduct ongoing IT risk assessments and calculate the real-time risk of a data breach – in dollars.

Physical Cleaning – We will come to your business 2 times per year and remove any dust or debris that builds up in the case of your systems as well as give the system a visual inspection.

Performance Monitoring – Every aspect of your server is carefully monitored, from disk and network throughput, to CPU and memory utilization; helping us to identify bottlenecks.

Network Monitoring – Our system maintains regular communication with your network and notifies our staff of any outages that could impact your productivity.

Add-On Services (A La Carte)

Managed Online Backup – Businesses are increasingly turning to online backup as the importance of securely stored data increases and natural disasters continue to make headlines. In addition to business continuity benefits, companies that embrace cloud storage can better manage the cost and time needed for data recovery in the event of loss. We offer powerful data backup security features, rapid restore function and low bandwidth usage, so backups will not interfere with your workday.