Do you offer free basic diagnostics?

On most systems, we offer free basic diagnostics with a few exceptions:

  • $50 advanced diagnostic fee on Windows Ultrabooks that require our technicians to open the computer to review possible hardware issues.
  • $50 advanced diagnostic fee on Apple computers that require us to open the computer to diagnose possible hardware issues.

Once the diagnostic process has been completed, customers are contacted and given information on the total cost to repair their device/system. However, the customer is under no obligation to have the repairs completed. In special cases where we must troubleshoot and diagnose complex hardware issues, there is a $30.00 Advanced Diagnostic fee. For example, complex issues would include motherboard & mainboard level diagnostics.

Do you work on Apple products?

We service all Apple Macs as well as Apple iPhones. We do not repair iPads or iPods.

Is there any warranty on your repair work?

Yes. There is a 60-day warranty on all labor. Hardware is also warrantied. After 60-days, additional warranty, if any, is provided by the manufacturer.